18 Maret 2011

Sad news from one of my big bro

You talk... laugh .. and sharing me your new love song.
You sing it very lovely.. you look happy outside while singing the song.
You told me how free your life is now...
How lucky you are to finally meet someone who could understand you..
and how right you feel to let your ever loved one go

but then why I can still see the misery in your eyes my big bro'?
Why I feel that your eyes are empty
Your laugh feels bitter.
Why I feel that pain ...

What are you hiding? Another lie in your life?
Till when you are going to wait to ruin your life on your age now.

Why the truth is getting hard on you bro'..

I don't care with any choice you made, the only thing matters to me is ...
I can hardly find the joy you brought to us upon your appearance.
I am not going to judge anything.
It's your shoes ...

just let us know when you feel you need us.
we are here big bro..

I just could say ...nothing in this world is perfect, you somehow should fit your shoes on other's life toes.

*just can't stand imagining that someday you realize .. you're late already...

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